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Our Mentavi Health clinicians use the power of telemedicine to provide access to critical mental health resources for patients across the country living with ADHD and other mental health conditions. Our Provider Network is passionate about being part of a company that is leading the way in telemedicine for mental healthcare, with a focus on putting patients at the center of our mission.

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Why work at Mentavi Health

We hold ourselves and our providers to the highest clinical standards as we support our patients in living their best lives with ADHD and other mental health conditions. Our Provider Network is central to both the success of our patients and our overall mission, which is why Mentavi Health is committed to investing in and supporting our Network every step of the way.

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Medical Treatment Service:
Physicians, Nurse Practitioners,
and Physician Assistants

Work directly with patients via telehealth appointments to develop an ADHD treatment plan. Develop a relationship with patients through monthly visits until the treatment plan has stabilized. Then meet quarterly to monitor and maintain success.

Assessment Service:
Doctorate-Level Psychologists

Review assessments asynchronously, on your own schedule, and provide an ADHD, anxiety, or depression diagnosis or exclusion.

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