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Mentavi Health

With our proven model of separating assessment from treatment, holding ourselves to rigorous clinical standards, and streamlining care, we help patients take control of their lives across a spectrum of mental health needs.

Our different approach

The best way we can help those struggling with their mental health is to do things differently.  To us, that means:

Streamlining the process so patients receive assessment results in 5 days and can schedule their first treatment appointment typically within 7-10 days.

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ADHD and beyond

For many years, we have helped patients discover answers to their ADHD questions. By separating assessment from treatment and making all of our care available online, we’ve streamlined the ADHD process and made answers accessible for patients nationwide.

Since other mental health conditions sometimes act like ADHD or exist alongside it, we’ve expanded our assessment to look for indications of anxiety, depression, binge eating disorder, and problematic social media use. Our goal, as always, is to help patients access important mental health services from their homes, regardless of who or where they are.

As we expand our model, rest assured that nothing will change about the care and treatment we are known for. As the parent brand of ADHD Online, Mentavi Health will strengthen our ability to serve patients across a multitude of conditions with assessments, medical treatment, and therapy.

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